Jim Peterson 1954 Corvette

This was Jim's Grandfather's car which has seen many restoration shops, until now....

This 1954 Corvette was purchased by Jim's grandfather in the late 50s and driven for many years. He then gave the car to his son who decided it was in need of a restoration, so he took it to the most qualified shop he could find at the time. This was about 25 years ago so there weren't many shops like ours in the country let alone Minnesota. Needless to say the restoration was not going well and after a couple years the car was pulled from shop number one and brought to the next resto shop in town. They also, for what ever reason, could not get this car done and it was moved to another shop. Now skip forward about 5 shops and 20 years and the car was finally brought to HRF. This Corvette was in very rough shape and needed everything. We have had the car in our Minnesota hot rod shop about 2 years now and it is almost done. If it wasn't for all the missing parts all the other shops misplaced, it would have been done months ago. It's quite amazing what the right shop can do.

Rich Wait