Jae Potvin '69 Camaro

Jae is our neighbor from the north. He is from Canada and has a real X22 car (SS396) that is being built on-spec for re-sale and for customers' use. This X22 car came with the RS option (hideaway headlights) and factory air conditioning. Jae shipped the car to HRF to have our expert metal fabricators fix his car the right way at our Minnesota hot rod shop.

The original car was blue with std. blue interior, AT, believed to be 12-bolt rear end 3:08 non posi. Roll-up windows, no interior gauges, 396BB, w/o headers, point ignition, no cruise and a standard SS hood. The plan for this car is black paint, deluxe black comfort weave interior, T56 6-speed standard with 750 ft/lbs torque rating and .5 over drive. The rear end already includes 12-bolt rear end, C-clip eliminators, Ford style racing axles, 4:56 gearing with an Auburn Posi unit. The plan is to add a factory gauge tach and clock, power windows, cruise control, Hooker headers, an electronic ignition, a 454 (w/Dyno sheet) under the cowl induction hood. We installed new rockers, floor, trunk, dash, firewall, wheel wells, quarter panels and fenders. HRF has a 25k dollar spot welder that duplicates the original spot welds to an exact match. The projected price of this car is estimated at approximately $90,000 U.S. when finished. We will sell incomplete, and the car can be finished by Hot Rod Factory. It has the original cowl tag with the X22 code. Photos were taken at purchase before any restoration, showing the RS equipment, AC, 12 Bolt rear end, disc brakes, SS emblems, etc. For more information on this car, you can contact Jae directly at potvin@kmts.ca or by phone (807) 467-8720.

Rich Wait