518 Bryan Vannet Project general Lee

 We are converting this 1968 Charger into a 69 General Lee for Bryan Vannet who is stationed in Afghanistan in the military. We are honored to be involved in this project.

This project was brought to us at HRF by Domingo and Keith who were in the military with Bryan and all have been fans of the General Lee their whole lives. Bryan is still in the military and I guess once you trust your friends with your life its easy to trust them with your money. We at HRF also grew up on the General Lee and can appreciate what Bryan wants to do with this car. We will start by dismantling the car blast the body and schedule it for metal work this way we have a clean rust free car to build off of. Bryan is very fortunate to have such a clean car to work with. It will of course need quarters and some trunk work but what Charger doesn't.

Rich Wait