Cory Jungjohan '57 Chevy

Cory owned this car back in High school, sold it and bought it back, sold it again, and now bought it a third time. This time we are going to finish what several other shops started.

Cory's car is getting the full treatment at our hot rod car shop with a Ram Jet 502 a Tremec 5-speed and the new Mickey Thompson 31x18.50 tires and 20x15 Billet Specialties rims. Like all the other cars we start in the middle of the job there are some things that needed to be addressed, like the lack of engineering of some key parts of the car (fuel tank, exhaust, steering, etc.). Once these tasks are complete we will start the remaining part of the body work and hopefully what the other shop did will be useable. All in all this is a very good car to start with and will turn into one bad ass ride. Check back often, we update our pictures daily.


Final Product

Rich Wait